i bid you farewell...

Last post

This is my last post for a while.

Im heading off to enjoy an English summer (is there such a thing?!) with the Queen, drink cider in France, devour some Dutch licorice & stuff some good ole Italian pasta down my gob.

Have a browse through my archives, post some comments & ill see you all back here is 5 weeks.
Peace out.
Image found via concrete & honey

have you met miss jones is here!


I have discovered Have You Met Miss Jones ceramics at IkoIko - yay!
My favourite is the little bird bowl, picture above. Cant wait to get my hot little hands on one...
Image found at lovely blog concrete and honey (thanks for the link Julia)

winter warmer


When your favourite wooly blanket gives up the ghost, pass it on to Paula Coulthard & she’ll fashion it into a lovely one-off winter coat.
Check out her latest collection of clothing & artwork instore at Native Agent until the 21st August.



The countdown of days until my trip to Europe/the UK have well & truely started (6 days to go!). Im still at work (its long gone 5pm) trying to nut out a stripey towel design (yawn) & am sky-ving (sp?) off to write a quick post.

Ive had a few requested to show some of the illustrations ive been working on, so here you go... a quick glimpse of my work in the early stages. What do you think?

another friday bites the dust


I thought I would leave you with some friday eye candy - brooches by Depeapa
Have a happy weekend, its going to be a busy one. Hopefully the rain lets up.

ankes illustrations are better than mine


I should show you some of the illustrations Ive been working on, get some feedback from the few of you who comment.
But im not :) I thought these prints by Anke Weckmann were more interesting.
Visit her etsy shop here

Åsa Dahlbäck


You need to check out this portfolio/blog.
I am seeing green.

cut & paste

living etc
How fab is this?

Although this particular wallpaper (Pip by Brian Yates) is uber expensive for an average joe like me, it screams DIY.
For a closer look, click the image.

sneak peak

summer 09

Our latest catalogue is under construction, so I thought I'ld post a sneak peak of a handful of snaps we took over a 5 day period.
For a company that is scared of colour (we are wearing them down slowly) I think we did quite well!

nomadic wonderland

Nomadic wonderland
Something to feast your eyes on...

There is only one word for this work by Eunsuk Hur, & that is AMAAAZING!
Eunsuk is a textile designer who is looking to push the boundaries of fashion & interior design through innovative textile design focusing on sustainability issues through transformative textiles. She has a strong passion for future textile design through innovative, interactive, multifunctional & beautifully crafted transformative textiles for fashion and interior design.

aqua meets yellow

aqua & yellow

Has anyone been noticing the aqua & yellow colour trend of late? Im down with it.



My family is breeding! My bro is about to become a dad – counting down the days! - & have just found out that my younger sister will soon be joining him in baby-ville!
Holy moley!
Im super excited, but finding it all very weird at the same time…
Have a happy weekend!

It feels as though its been a long while since Ive posted a great etsy find. I guess its been a while since ive had internet access (& its still limited at that!)
Pop-up Card & Paper Puppet loveliness by Crankbunny.
Resisting the urge to pull out the credit card....

bursting your bubble

What a lovely, magical bubble popping series of photos...

Ive never seen anything like it, & am completely in AWE!
Images by Richard Heeks via A Cup of Jo

never to old for barbie

I guess there comes a point in time when you have to pack away your barbies, & grow up. If its been a bit of a struggle for you, why not invest in one of these dismembered jewellery pieces by Margaux Lange?

I love them.

Barbie dolls were extremely significant in fueling my creative life as a child. They were controlled & manipulated to fit infinite situations of my choosing. I immersed myself in on-going narratives (complete with elaborate hand-made dwellings) where all my fears, embarrassments, joys & explorations of human interactions could be played out like characters on a stage. An invaluable tool for the expansion of my imagination as a child, ironically, Barbie continues to be such for me as an adult...

...I enjoy the funny juxtaposition of wearing the body, on the body. Barbie has become the accessory instead of being accessorized. I take pleasure in the contrast and contradiction of something mass-produced being transformed into a handmade, wearable piece of art.

new birdspoke

Oh yay! – Toggle is selling birdspokes plushie birds!! I saw these at the May kraftbomb & have been wanting to get my hands on one.

Loving their wheatbags & hot water bottle covers too!

Oh, & I bought this towel. What do you think? Im thinking it'll go down well for my upcoming summer holiday - 20 days & counting!!

a wee smudge on the horizon...

I dont have much to say today because im so focused on my work...

but i did see this, & noticed that NZ is a meager smudge. Oh well, at least they didnt forget us...

Ive caught vanilla bug

Creature comforts was featuring the work of Australian artist Vanilla Bug, & I couldn't resist sharing!
Check out more of her work here, & her blog right here.

so sexy

If you’re in the mood for a wee giggle this blog, sexy executives, is comic gold…