another one bites the dust

It’s the last day of june – what?!! Loving these free calander downloads – thanks for the link D*S

running out of time

Im stuck on ideas for our current range. Im having one of those frustrating times where I cant translate the ideas from my head onto paper.
And, Im going away in 4 weeks so need to get my stuff rolling out.
Im feeling inspired by these tea towels by Laughing Bird & Sara Berner Patterns. Im thinking panthers and elephants…

my number one

Sasha Baron Cohen’s Bruno is at the top of my movie watching list. Whats at the top of yours?
Have a lovely weekend!!
Crochetdermy - its animal friendly!

a pretty bunch

I feel like I need some flowers. I was thinking the other day that I need to buy myself a cheap bunch once a month to brighten my room. I haven’t found any pretty ones yet, but these would do.

I don’t want this all white kitchen, but I do want these lockers.
Donna Wilson - oh how I love you & your new range!!

Thank you for all your lovely comments regarding my post below. Im keeping my fingers crossed for the return of my stuff - come on police, help a sister out :) !!

give me my stuff back!

Some retard broke into my house & stole my laptop. Posting is going to be pretty spordaic for a while, but ill try my best to steal some hours after work to post... not sure how successful ill be...

So! If ive been a regular visiter/comment writer on your blog, sorry if im M.I.A.

Im sad :( but these button cards make me happy!

the equation for romance

Canopy + Bed = Romantic.
Such a simple formula. Swoon...

Sorry, I cant remember where I found this image...

inspiration for today

I am feeling completely inspired by, & in awe of, these interiors. The kitchen feels very jungle-esk & the living room so serene.

Images found via decor8

handmade love

Handmade Love is simply divine!

Hehe, Clare Nicolson's website is cute - tweeting birds, roosters cuckoo-ing. It makes me laugh!
Clare uses vintage fabrics & digitally printed textiles to make a sweet, I-want-you-now collection of cushions, teatowels, cards, dolly birds & more!
Go look!
She has free wallpaper downloads too - Yessss!

letters to the world

This project is so simple & beautiful.
The joy of receiving a handwritten letter is so far & few between these days, that too receive a random yet personal letter from a stranger makes it even more delightful.

In April 2009, we sent a personal, handwritten letter to each of the 467 households in the small Irish village of Cushendall. We hoped these unsolicited letters would prompt neighbourly discussion, spreading across the town, promoting community curiosity. The art work consists solely of the discussion between the recipients about what on Earth these letters are, who sent them and why, etc.

To see the full project, click here. It will keep you entertained for hours.

sweet dreams

The dreamcatcher I had when I was younger used to give me a restless nights sleep. It got to the point where I had to take it down. Im sure this little sweetie wouldn't give me any trouble - its very fairytale princess.

Dreamcatchers available from Nest Pretty Things.


Ive been pretty slow of the mark, but Holly Shepheard's new exhibition 'Antechamber' has opened at Seed Gallery. I need to get down there...

In Antechamber, Holly Shepheard presents a series of small, vibrant ink and resin paintings on gesso substrates. These pieces are more concentrated and intimate than Shepheard’s previous works. They also take us under the microscope to imagine things not normally visible to the naked eye. Their forms allude to cells, veins, placenta, genetic codes and tissue, but they could just as easily be representations of jellyfish and sea anemones or floating fragments of exploded stars.

one of a kind

How cool are these brooches? They are little rainbows of colour, on a miserable winter day. The sun peeking from behind the big black cloud.
Im so happy to have found this fabulous NZ etsy find - Chimaerashop

the crew

We've just finished a 5 day shoot.
After snapping all of the talent on day two, the photographer grabbed a quick shot of the crew.

hybrid wonderful

Giraffe Gal by Melabo

Fantasy Husband by Melabo

Sophie bird gittin what for by Robin Van Valkenburgh

Betsy chick by Robin Van Valkenburgh

The whole hybrid thing reminds me of my first year at uni where it was a theme we thoroughly explored, & which I really enjoyed. 

These ceramics, by Robin Van Valkenburgh & Megan Bogonovich, bring all my memories flooding back - life drawing class & sculpture. Jewellery & design. The random stuff we came up with, the essays we sweated over.

excited, not nervous.

Im counting down the days till my 5 week trip to London, Italy & The Netherlands (52 days to go!!)
Luckily im not a nervous traveller like the animal (what is it p.s?) in the print. I have a feeling the BF may be though...

polar brrrrrrr....

I posted these polar bear wheat bags the other day, & now im posting this polar bear ceramic. Must be because of the polar blast we've been enduring - Auckland got down to -3 last week, whats going on?!

i heart u

Woah! Hurry up valentines day. These are seriously cool!!
Jeepers, dont you just love etsy?
I could dedicate this entire blog to great etsy finds. Like these by Hare & Drum...

miss potter

There is absolutely nothing better than a good ceramic piece.
I was talking to our stylist today & suddenly thought that if I bought every single ceramic piece I feel in love with my house would have to be covered in cotton wool, and these would be my latest editions.

Handmade ceramics by Shoshona Snow.