emma grace

EgSquared Brooches:

from The Hunted Collection:

More brooches - it seems to be a bit of a common trend...I love them!
These pieces are by Emma Grace & are available here
Find out more about her work here.

Special note ~ Emma donates 5% of every sale to the Australian Conservation Foundation.

best in show

NZ etsy goodness - the sunday project - from our beautiful art deco capital, Napier.
Loving it.


What im buying...

Say it loud print by Australia's littlest flower.

What I need to see...

Old School miniatures exhibition by Stafford Allpress.

What Im inspired by...

Print by Sandra Juto.
Possibly the answer to my creative (as opposed to writers) block...fingers crossed

What I wish I had...

Eames plywood elephant

esther diamond

"you've found us, now sit down & pay attention..."

"desperation in inspiration"
"Sandi Reefman has... managed to create something out of nothing" 

"joining you for dinner"

"I was never one for unnecessary luxuries but I certainly relished a fine bedding"

Have you seen the fabulous esther diamond website? I recommend a browse!
I am totally digging the wallpaper,  handwritten font, quotes & care labels features.
Check out her new cushion, lamp & napkin range as well.

little scruff


Mr Choc


Have you seen these Little Scruff's? NZ designed, 100% cotton knitted toys in simple shapes, bright cheerful colours with quirky names & personalities.
And like most toys these days - suitable for both young & old!!

crazy? yes! fun? yes!

I just had to share this bit of fun with you! Its putting a smile on my face :)
Cotton Reel Necklace by Judy Darragh available at Toggle


Toggle has new makers which means a ton of new & exciting stuff over at their site. Some items are one offs so you have to be in quick!


"just because you wear a business shirt, doesn't mean you have to grow up"

"Wear with love."

Awww chihuahua! so cute

logo character pendants - loving it!

this is...my favourite film(s)

This is a toughy...being a regular movie goer my list of 'seen it's' & favourites is MASSIVE!
I have however just come back from the movies & have decided that young@heart is my new favourite film - its funny, inspiring & a bit of a tear jerker.
Im not sure how to add youtube videos to my blog (can anyone tell me how?) so you'll have to click here to check out the trailer.
Im definitely recommending young@heart to everyone I see, especially those with a soft spot for oldies :)

retro goodness

Momentum Gallery in Herne Bay is currently showing an exhibition of these great retro inspired posters. A positive distraction from the current doom & gloom, the exhibition runs till the 31st October.
Framed limited edition posters are available for purchase.

Momentum Gallery
1/182 Jervois Rd
Herne Bay, Auckland
opening hours : Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm Sat 10am - 5pm

nz & oz jewellery hit

Renee Bevans Blooming Big Brooches & Everythings Coming up Roses... oh so pretty - even on a man!

"The perfect rose, the kitsch rose, the dewy Mills & Boon rose, the crafty rose, and the sickly sweet Hallmark rose. With so many cliches to explore, one could say I make a rose for every occasion."

Unique & quirky shapes teamed with beautiful floral fabric make for a nice burst of colour in these necklaces & brooches by Shonah ...

simple, peaceful & elegant

I have a real fascination with ceramics at the moment. I love the milky surfaces, the textured surfaces, the colours & the vast variety of shapes & sizes.
Thumbing through the latest issue of HOME magazine I spied the stunning work of Trudie Kroef.
Mixing glass & porcelain, her work has a sense of simplicity & peacefulness, perfectly balancing material, shape & colour to create strong & elegant forms. 
There is only one word for Trudies work, and that word is - GORGEOUS!

loan me or own me

I am in no ways a handbag person. I like them, but just dont buy them. I own two & think that's more than enough but at the same time i think how old they both are - not throw away, falling apart old, just out of fashion old. And every girl likes to be fashion-able in some areas!
When Carries assistant on Sex in the City divulged that her handbag was rented i thought - what a great idea!
Well... that great idea is here! I discovered it yesterday. That 'it' is LoanMe or OwnMe started by handbag enthusiast Amanda Easterbrook, Angie Tinker, a stylish Australian working in the NZ fashion industry & Annamae Kelleher - NY based personal shopper/handbag buyer.  The concept is simple - 

"We offer the rental (LoanMe) option of our exclusive, luxury handbags, as well as the sale (OwnMe) option of many of these bags at a rate that is greatly reduced... We pride ourselves on giving other bagaholics the opportunity to own a highly desirable, luxury handbag at a much more palatable price!"

Perhaps a little too fancy for me - I would prefer something I can throw on the floor of my car - but the idea is great!
To find out more, or to register & start loaning click here

lucy folk makes jewellery

Perhaps a strange connection, but this necklace by Lucy Folk reminds me of my family home. We had, & still have, masses of these flowers growing by our letterbox and 'magic key' tree.

More necklaces by Lucy Folk...
Celebrating the joy & unexpected beauty of food. The plus side of these pieces? we can over indulge entirely guilt free!!