easy access

I have just discovered that you can read the beautiful magazine dumbo feather, pass it on, online! Such a great way to access a popular & hard to get in NZ magazine, & im all for saving a tree!
It costs AU$30 for an annual online subscription, but thats not bad if you ask me :)
Check out their free online trial here.


I was looking at the work of photographer Hannah Richards & happened across a shoot she had done for NZ streetwear brand bamboo8 & their limited edition tees.
Started as a creative outlet in a backyard garage in 2000, Bamboo8 designers Allan & brothers Kelly & Scott spent late nights screen printing tees for family & friends. Their first online range was launched in 2003.
Their latest tees are only available online & are super cool - Im especially loving the bamboo pop tee in black & gold.

origami magic

I had no choice but to watch a boring episode of one of those American home makeover programmes on monday night. As unenthusiastic as I was about it all, I must admit that one of the bedrooms they rebuilt & decorated was magical - origami covered walls & light shades creating an amazing garden scene.
I was particularly drawn to the light shades & was besides myself with excitement when I saw this Birdshade for sale on dutch design site tas-ka.
It was pretty pricy, but Im thinking it could easily be copied with the help of an origami book & patterned paper? Im slightly worried it could be a fire hazard though...

home base collections

I was picture browsing through D*S - taking in the images, not reading a single word & instantly picked out NZ icons - in particular the tiki - in a group of photos. It drew my attention & got me reading quick smart! The beautiful textiles belong to NZ designer Leanne Culy & are made using biodegradable, pesticide free fabric.
The collection above uses a typical, fresh NZ colour palette - one we all know & love; & distinctively reflects a love of nature & sense of place.

from pop to tiki to surrealism

Queen Bee (Grand-Land)

Queen of King Country (Grand-Land)

Ohhhhhhh....totally, totally, loving these paintings by up & coming/'next big thing'/'keep an eye out for' NZ artist Liam Barr.

I know an art group that is ummm-ing & arrh-ing over buying one of the pieces above, I say do it! Do it now, & do it fast!!

catching up with the news

Ive been busy catching up with my favourite blogs after a very extended weekend at the snow & just had to share this cute hedgehog & knitted octopus with you from lilysmakebelieve esty shop - a purchase may be on the cards for sometime soon :)

dutch by design

The days of eating around the table have become pretty non existent as I have grown older. This riddle table cloth by dutch designer SEM would give me good reason to start again though.

"Take your time, a table cloth with 300 riddles that will always give you something to talk about, whether for a first date or 50 year old marriage. The 300 questions & answers to these riddles are mixed & can be read from both ends of the table. There are two empty spaces to put plates on. An envelope is included with all the answers in alphabetical order, only to be opened in emergency of course."

now hiring

Im sure all you NZers would have seen this doing the rounds, but if not, have a gander - its definitely worth a read! haha.

our aunty cookie

When it comes to the colour red (used in the right way) I just cant back away - a palm reader recently been told its one of my lucky colours, so bring it on!
I am totally into this cushion & fabric by aunty cookie - loving the origami style cranes in red fabric, its perfect!


Putting the 'child back into children' are Australian based sproutdesign. With their range of playful graphic prints it would be a crime not to deck out your wee ones room in something as cool as these duvets & accessories.
Not quite convinced? how does the following sound - all products are screen printed using water based processes, everything is designed & made in Australia using non sweat shop conditions, where possible certified organic cotton is used and care is taken to offset all carbon emissions. Tick, tick & tick again - it all sounds pretty good to me!

when a day becomes a year...



between four...five

Ive just been too an exhibition opening & discovered the work of painter Sarah Williams. I am loving the colour, loving the texture & loving the ideas of chance and motion.

i heart india

construction worker

ram bagh gardeners

ganesh worshippers

temple gods

working the outdoor laundry

mumbai street kid & his pearly whites

Auckland - Singapore - Mumbai - Jaipur - Delhi - Singapore - Auckland. All in six days. Six amazing days full of vibrant colour, 40 degree heat & (mostly) first class accommodation. Six days spent exploring, fending off stall holders & beggers, talking, talking and more talking & being wined and dined. 
If I had one word to describe India it would be 'WOW'.